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Ruud Heat Pump Repair by Certified Technicians

Heat pumps are the ideal option for homes and offices without existing ductwork that aim to reduce electricity costs year-round. Ruud heat pumps have been around for decades, and Ruud has built a reputation for being one of the leading heat pump manufacturers in the country. Not only do they thoroughly test their systems with outside quality control labs, but they also offer excellent product warranties showing strong confidence in their units.

When you maintain your Ruud heat pump on schedule, it will last your home quite a few years. While it is designed to last and not need a replacement, there might come a time your system needs a repair. If things are running amok with your heat pump, contact the team at HeatGuy, LLC. Our technicians know Ruud systems, and we can quickly diagnose and repair the faulty unit to get your home or office back to a comfortable temperature.

Is It Time for a Ruud Heat Pump Repair Appointment?

You purchased a Ruud heat pump for its energy-efficiency and long-term savings. With frequent use, parts in your heat pump might wear out. These failures will give off warning signs, letting you know it is time to call in a professional.

Just some of the symptoms of a Ruud heat pump in need of repair include:

  • Ice Build-Up: Heat pumps cycle through hot and cold, depending on the thermostat setting inside. If you notice ice build-up on the external unit, you need a technician to come out and check the problem. To prevent any electrical hazards, unplug your unit the moment you see ice build-up and wait for a technician from HeatGuy, LLC to arrive.
  • Odd Noises: Some noises are standard, and if you use your heat pump enough, you know what it sounds like running in the summer and the winter. When new noises appear that you have not heard before, call a technician. Clanging, squealing, extra loud fan noises, and pinging noises are indications something is not right.
  • Auxiliary Heat Does Not Turn Off: A heat pump’s auxiliary heat indicator shows you when the interior temperature is two degrees or more off from the thermostat setting. When temperatures fall outside of the two-degree range, the heat pump enters defrost mode. When your unit stays in auxiliary heat frequently, there is an operational error that needs to be checked.  

Timely Repairs for Your Ruud Heat Pump by Industry Experts

You chose a Ruud system because you knew it would last. Get your heat pump back up and running by contacting a team of certified technicians experienced in heat pump repairs.

HeatGuy, LLC offers Ruud and other leading name brand heat pump repair services. We provide quick diagnostics and repairs. Our company is licensed, bonded, insured, as well as NATE and Energy Star certified for your peace of mind.

We offer our services in areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Tigard, and Beaverton, OR, and across Vancouver, Washougal, and Camas, WA.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-4822 or fill out our online form with any questions regarding your Ruud heat pump repair issues or to schedule a repair appointment.

Trusted Ruud Air Conditioning Repair and Services

During the summer months, no matter how short they might feel, your air conditioner puts on a lot of miles. Even with performing seasonal maintenance, there may come a time when your Ruud air conditioner needs a little extra attention.

Like with all machinery, parts wear out over time, and if you put heavy demands on your air conditioner in the summer, it may require repairs earlier than expected. When that time comes, turn to the HVAC technicians at HeatGuy, LLC. Our team has the certified technicians you can trust to diagnose and repair your Ruud unit quickly.

Do You Need Ruud Air Conditioning Repairs?

Sometimes the symptoms are apparent (like a unit that does not turn on), while other times you might find yourself unsure whether you need a professional to come and check it out or not. Instead of waiting for the warm temperatures to creep up inside your home this summer, look out for these signs and call a professional right away:

  • Odd Noises: Air conditioners make some noise as they run, but when those noises are loud or ones you have never heard before, your system is telling you something. Any noise that resembles clicking, grinding, hissing or clanging needs a careful assessment. Unusual sounds are often an indicator that something is worn, broken, or about to malfunction.
  • Smells: Air conditioning units sit outside your building structure, but if smells are wafting their way into your home, you may have a motor that is about to go out or a compressor that is failing. Do not ignore these smells and simply hope they go away; call a technician immediately.
  • Ice Build-Up: Your air conditioner is meant to stay cold, but when you have ice building up on the exterior, your unit’s evaporator coils are in trouble. Sometimes it is as simple as dirt buildup or an obstruction, while other times you have components failing. It is better not to guess and have a certified technician diagnose the cause.

Ensure Ruud Air Conditioner Repairs by NATE Certified Technicians

Reverse the heat in your home and repair your air conditioner quickly with the help of our technicians at HeatGuy, LLC. Getting your home or office back to a comfortable temperature is always our priority. Our team is experienced with Ruud air conditioners and other makes and models too.
The team from HeatGuy, LLC has experienced technicians that are licensed, bonded, insured, and NATE and Energy Star certified. We service areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, including, Portland, Tigard, and Beaverton, OR, as well as, Vancouver, Washougal, and Camas, WA.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-4822 or fill out our online form with any questions about your potential Ruud air conditioning repair. If you are interested in quotes for a new system, we can help promptly with that too.  

Ruud Furnace Repair for Your Home or Office

You chose a Ruud furnace for your home or office because you know that Ruud offers high-quality comfort. As a leading comfort system manufacturer, Ruud creates furnaces designed to last for years. They also use third-party testing laboratories to ensure all units meet their exceptional standards.

Despite all the testing and quality control, there might come a time when you need repairs for your Ruud furnace. Like most machines, parts will wear out over time and need replacement. Depending on how frequently the unit is used, temperatures it must maintain, the area where it is installed, and how often the unit receives maintenance, will determine how long you go in between replacements.

When you suspect something is wrong with your Ruud furnace, contact the HVAC technicians at HeatGuy, LLC. Our team offers professional Ruud furnace repairs for local homeowners and businesses alike. We make it a top priority to repair your unit quickly so that you can get back to enjoying comfortable temperatures inside.

Signs it is Time for a Ruud Furnace Repair Consultation

Furnaces are not designed to last indefinitely. If you do not maintain your unit throughout the year, you may find that you need repairs more often too. Here are just a few signs you may need a professional to diagnose what’s wrong with your furnace:

  • No Air or Only Cold Air Coming Out: You will notice this in the winter as your home’s temperatures start to drop and your vents disperse cool air instead of heated air. Worse, you might hear your furnace running, but no air comes through the vents. The causes of this can vary – from a thermostat error to blower failure – but one of our licensed technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and hopefully repair it the same day.  
  • Cycling On and Off: Furnaces should cycle on and off, but if your system is doing so in spurts of five to seven seconds each, you might have a problem on your hands. Not only will you see a jump in heating costs but cycling on and off may also indicate a safety hazard.
  • Weird Sounds: Modern furnaces are relatively quiet. While you might hear a few noises, none of them should be categorized as loud or even annoying. Any sounds involving scraping, squealing, rattling, humming, and thumping indicates that something is wrong with your blower, fan belt, or even the capacitor.

Need a Diagnostic Appointment? Hire a Trusted Ruud Furnace Repair Company

There is no reason to sit uncomfortably in your home a minute longer with the temperature lower than it should be. When you notice something is not right with your furnace, contact the experienced technicians from HeatGuy, LLC. Our team services not only Ruud furnaces but all major makes and models.

Our highly trained, certified technicians will diagnose and quickly repair your furnace so that you are not left out in the cold at your home or office.

HeatGuy, LLC is a licensed, bonded, insured, and NATE and Energy Star certified company. Our service covers the Pacific Northwest, including Portland, Tigard, and Beaverton, OR, as well as, Vancouver, Washougal, and Camas, WA.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-4822 or fill out our online form with your concerns about your Ruud furnace repair, and we will get back to you soon.

The Benefits of Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps for Optimal Heating and Cooling

You might not think that a heat pump could be used to cool a building, but that is exactly what happens when you install a split or multi-split type of air conditioning system by Daiken. With the help of innovative inverter technology, this AC provides several benefits.

A ductless heat pump can also be used to heat your home. HeatGuy, LLC, is proud to offer the latest technologies in the HVAC industry. We want all of our Vancouver area customers to enjoy a comfortable indoor environment during every season of the year.  

Exploring the Advantages of Daikin Ductless Heat Pumps

If you are shopping for an affordable, energy-efficient solution that will keep your home temperate, a ductless heat pump may be ideal for you. Read more about the benefits of this type of system below:

  • Heating: The primary function you might expect a heat pump to perform may be heating, and it can do that quite well. If your home does not currently have ducts, but it has baseboard heating instead, this option could be perfect for you. Baseboard heating systems are known for emitting unpleasant odors. They also consume a significant amount of energy to heat a room. Using space heaters can also be costly in terms of energy and higher heating bills. Even worse, space heaters may be a fire hazard if they are not carefully monitored whenever they are in use. A ductless heat pump is far more energy efficient than a baseboard heating system, and it is a much safer alternative to using space heaters.
  • Cooling: Although it may seem counter-intuitive, this type of technology is also utilized for cooling. The Daiken air conditioning split and multi-split AC products can be operated to provide air conditioning in a single room as needed. This may greatly reduce your power bills in the summertime. The indoor units connect to outdoor equipment, and they come in an assortment of styles. Many people prefer this option instead of central air, which does not leave the user with much control or flexibility from room to room. They may also be safer than window AC units, which can provide a means of access to intruders. Split and mini-split air conditioners may be hung from a wall or suspended from a ceiling. This also increases the visual appeal of your home by allowing you to enjoy the view through your windows.
  • Moisture Control: Another feature of the Daiken products is their capacity to control the moisture level. The technology manages the humidity levels indoors, humidifying and dehumidifying as needed. This creates a healthier environment at your home or business.  

Heating and Cooling Your Home and Office Efficiently

If you live or own a business in the Vancouver area, HeatGuy, LLC, can provide the HVAC products and services you require. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have about Daiken ductless heat pumps for your home or workplace. 

Call HeatGuy, LLC, today at 360-253-HVAC, or complete our online form to reach us. We can help you explore Daiken ductless heat pumps and other heating and cooling products.

High-Efficiency Ruud Air Conditioning Provides Affordable Cooling

Energy-efficient Ruud air conditioning solutions are designed to keep your home cool, and your bills low, even in the hottest months. A range of sizes and efficiency levels helps meet your unique cooling requirements and home budget. Whether you live in a cozy condominium or estate home, Ruud has a full line of eco-friendly single-stage, two-stage, and variable speed air conditioners to meet your requirements. Frequent testing for performance and efficiency guarantees your absolute comfort and satisfaction with your investment. Ruud is the preferred choice of homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding areas of Washington looking for cost-effective heating and cooling.

How to Select Your Ruud Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, its efficiency has declined significantly which could account for your high utility bills. The right Energy Star rated Ruud AC can end your thermostat wars while reducing your cooling expenses. Rated one of the most reliable brands by Consumer Report, each Ruud product is backed by over 100 years of demonstrated performance and quality. We have a team of skilled, experienced and knowledgeable HVAC technicians who are happy to share valuable tips on how to select the right air conditioner for your home.

  • Size: With air conditioning contributing to almost 20 percent of your annual energy bill, it is extremely important to select the right Ruud unit. An air conditioner that is too small will struggle to cool a room while one that is too big will cool too quickly to remove the moisture and make the air uncomfortably dry. In addition to your home’s square footage, Energy Star recommends paying attention to the height of your ceilings, size of your windows and doors, number of occupants, and the amount of sunlight your home receives.
  • SEER and EER: Every AC unit has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The higher the number, the more efficient the unit, and the lower your cooling costs will be. All Ruud air conditioners are Energy Star-rated for their efficiency and eco-friendly features. Some models with efficiencies of up to 20 SEER /13 EER are among the best in the industry. Studies also show that the Ruud Ultra Series provides efficiencies up to 54% higher than typical air conditioning designs, and have an expected lifetime savings of $3,720.
  • Quiet operation: Noise is not an issue with Ruud heating and cooling solutions. By streamlining airflow and reducing vibration, the latest variable-speed model runs quieter than other systems available on the market.
  • Smart controls: Air conditioners with Intelligent Cooling features (smart controls) allow you to control and adjust temperatures from your smartphone for optimal efficiency. Leveraging the latest in Cloud and Smart Home technology, the Ruud EcoNet App puts control at your fingertips delivering a new level of efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Expert Sizing and Installation of Ruud Air Conditioners by NATE Certified Technicians

With Ruud, you get what you paid for—reliability, efficiency, and durability. One of our NATE Certified technicians will conduct a detailed evaluation of your home to understand your requirements, and offer the most appropriate Ruud air conditioner for your needs. With your comfort being our top priority, you are assured of an efficient and affordable cooling solution. We can also provide you with regular maintenance services to optimize the efficiency and lifespan of your Ruud system.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-HVAC or fill out our online form with any questions about upgrading or installing a new Ruud air conditioning unit, and we will get back to you soon. We proudly serve the cities and areas surrounding Vancouver, Washington.