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Ductless Heat Pump Repair

Professional Ductless Heat Pump Repair Services Restore Your Comfort

Designed to heat or cool specific rooms in the home, a ductless heat pump system delivers optimal efficiency when operating at its full capacity. These devices can be mounted on your wall or ceiling and do not require any ductwork to transfer heat or cool air. However, similar to conventional heating and cooling equipment, this type of system also requires regular maintenance to protect its components from breaking down.

Common Ductless Heat Pump Problems

If your ductless heat pump is not functioning as it should be, it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician properly examine and diagnose the problem. If you attempt to fix the problem yourself, you run the risk of injury and may end up causing more damage to the system. Also, the manufacturer may void your warranty if you do not hire a certified technician to repair the problem.

The team at HeatGuy, LLC has the skills, training and certification to effectively repair a number of ductless heat pump issues, including:

  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • A blown fuse or damaged breaker wiring
  • Ice build-up on the coils
  • Problems with the indoor blower
  • An empty refrigerant reservoir
  • Water leakage problems
  • A clogged drain hose
  • Compressor problems
  • Issues with the electricity supply and the pump
  • Damage to the internal panel
  • Broken reversing valve
  • And more!

Trust Your Local Specialists for All Ductless Heat Pump Repair Requirements

If you are unable to enjoy multi-room cooling with your ductless heat pump, it’s time to get your system back on track and restore your indoor comfort. Particularly if you notice water or refrigerant leaking from your equipment, don’t let the problem linger. Water leakage can cause significant damage to your home, including mildew and mold growth. HeatGuy, LLC can help you avoid waking up to a cold or damp house by taking care of any issues before they become bigger problems. We service all makes and models and provide free estimates and affordable hourly rates.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-HVAC to schedule an appointment for ductless heat pump repair services or fill out our online form with any questions and we will get back to you soon. We proudly serve the cities and areas surrounding Vancouver, Washington. Including: Portland, Woodland, Camas, Ridgefield, Washougal, Battle Ground.