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Gas Furnace Repair

Reliable Furnace Repair for All Types and Brands of Furnaces

Before the cold weather approaches, remember to call the professionals at HeatGuy, LLC for preventative maintenance services to ensure your furnace is ready to go for the winter. Often times, homeowners will forget to have their system checked and serviced and then find out it is on the blink when they attempt to power it up in below freezing temperatures.

If you have noticed a problem with your system, take a proactive approach by getting in touch with a certified HVAC technician for a quick, safe and efficient furnace repair. A company that specializes in furnace repair utilizes the appropriate tools and diagnostic procedures to determine the issue and provide a quick turnaround time, saving you money in hourly labor charges.

Warning Signs that Your Gas Furnace Needs to be Repaired

HeatGuy, LLC can help ensure your gas furnace is operational and energy efficient by assisting with any of the following situations:

  • Dirty filters: A build-up of dirt and debris in your air filter can reduce airflow and cause your gas furnace to work harder to circulate the air. Also, it could potentially damage the limit switch, which controls the fan.
  • Problem with ignition or the pilot light: You may have difficulty heating your home with a faulty ignition or pilot. The pilot might not light because of a thermocouple problem, draft or clog in the furnace.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat: If your thermostat is not working properly, you may notice problems with your fan and uneven temperatures throughout your home.
  • The furnace does not provide any heat: There could be a problem with the thermostat setting, power, gas or pilot light.
  • The furnace does not provide enough heat: When purchasing your gas furnace, be sure to select the right size. Choosing the wrong size for the space can result in hot and cold spots in your home.
  • Frequent cycling: If your furnace is constantly turning on and off, you may have a clogged filter, improper airflow or a bad thermostat setting.
  • The blower is always running: A problem with your blower could mean there is a problem with the limit switch, which may need to be replaced.
  • A noisy furnace: If you hear rumbling, squealing or rattling, there may be a mechanical problem with your furnace, airflow reductions or a clogged burner.

Call HeatGuy, LLC today at 360-253-HVAC to schedule an appointment for gas furnace repair services or fill out our online form with any questions about your furnace repair and we will get back to you soon.We proudly serve the cities and areas surrounding Vancouver, Washington. Including: Portland, Woodland, Camas, Ridgefield, Washougal, Battle Ground.