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Gas Furnaces

Advice to Help You Decide If It’s Time to Upgrade Your Gas Furnace

Furnaces that a good fit for most homes

  • Is your furnace more than 15 years old?
  • Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills?
  • Is your furnace making strange noises?
  • Are there hot and cold spots in your home?

Any of the circumstances noted above may indicate that it’s time to replace your gas furnace. If your system is dirty and not running efficiently, it’s highly recommended that you contact your local HVAC company right away for an inspection, as it could be producing carbon monoxide. Nothing is more important than you and your family’s safety and well-being, which is why you should never wait to have your gas furnace checked if anyone in your household is experiencing allergy-like symptoms.

Get Warm, Money-Saving Indoor Comfort Year-After-Year

There are many benefits to upgrading your old furnace to an Energy Star certified natural gas furnace. Along with saving 20-40 percent on your heating and cooling costs, you can also significantly improve your indoor air quality. An old furnace may not properly moisturize and clean the air in your home, which can cause your indoor space to feel stuffy and stale.

Other benefits include:

  • Efficient home heating – Newer natural gas furnaces have efficiency ratings as high as 98 percent. They are built with a variable-speed blower, which steadily maintains your home’s temperature.
  • Longevity and reliability – A natural gas furnace can provide you with more than 20 years of service when properly maintained.
  • A lower carbon footprint – Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel and produces approximately 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil, and half that of coal or wood.

If you are in the market for a new natural gas furnace, an Energy Star unit can provide you with the most value for your dollar. These systems are designed to enhance your indoor comfort while consuming less energy. This means you save money on utility bills and help to reduce greenhouse gases.

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