Heat Pump Repair

Comprehensive Heat Pump Repair

HeatGuy services all commercial and residental heat pump brands in the Vancouver, WA area

Is your heat pump or mini-split making strange noises? Is your home not getting cool enough or warm enough? Or maybe you’ve noticed a jump in your electricity costs. No matter the problem, it’s time for an inspection by a certified HVAC professional! HeatGuy services all brands of heat pumps and ductless heat pumps.

It’s important to have heat pump issues looked at as soon as you notice a problem. Why?

  • The longer you wait to repair any irregularity with your heat pump or mini-split, the worse the problem can become and the more expensive the repair costs will be.
  • One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a heat pump is its efficiency, and that efficiency can be compromised if you ignore a potential problem. If you suspect your equipment is on the fritz, HeatGuy can determine whether the problem is related to an inadequate refrigerant charge, a damaged fan motor, or even an improperly sized system.

Signs your heat pump or mini-split may have a problem

Routine heat pump maintenance is essential to ensure your system runs safely and efficiently. Otherwise, you may experience any of the following problems down the road:

  • Lower efficiency with higher energy bills
  • Weak or bad air-flow due to a dirty or clogged system
  • Loud clunking and whistling sounds due to damaged or loose components
  • Foul smells that can be caused by a buildup of dust and debris
  • Icing or freezing due to refrigerant leaks or poor air-flow
  • Your heat pump may get stuck in “heat” or “cool” mode, which is usually a problem with the reversing valve

No heat pump problem is too big or too small for the HeatGuy team. We service all makes and models, in addition to installing new residential and commercial HVAC systems from both Ruud and Daikin. Our goal to get your equipment up and running in as little time as possible and with minimal cost to you.

Call us at 360-253-HVAC (360-253-4822) or contact us today to schedule your appointment for commercial and residential heat pump repair services.

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Are Your Energy Bills Too High?

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