Ruud Heating and Cooling Solutions

Ruud is a leader in the heating and cooling industry. With its variety of products covering residential and commercial needs, Ruud is a one-stop brand for many HVAC professionals. Its equipment offerings exceed industry standards for reliability and quality, and Ruud products are tested and certified by federal and third-party testing labs.

Ruud air conditioners are top of the line

Energy-efficient Ruud air conditioning solutions are designed to keep your home cool and your bills low, even in the hottest months. A range of sizes and efficiency levels help to meet your unique cooling requirements and home budget. Whether you live in a cozy condominium or an estate home, Ruud has a full line of eco-friendly single-stage, two-stage, and variable speed air conditioners. Frequent testing for performance and efficiency guarantees your comfort so you’ll be satisfied with your investment.
We recommend you consider a Ruud air conditioner to end your thermostat wars while reducing your cooling expenses. Rated one of the most reliable brands by Consumer Report, each Ruud product is backed by over 100 years of demonstrated performance and quality.

What makes Ruud heat pumps special?

Ruud heat pumps — a smart way to heat and cool the home — are designed for optimal comfort and energy savings. This trusted brand offers a comprehensive lineup of features and models to provide homeowners with effective, reliable service for years to come.

Ruud heat pumps are developed using their 360°+1 design philosophy. Completely re-engineered with 360 quality features, these models easily heat and cool reliably. With three-stage technology, Ruud heat pumps quickly and consistently adapt to a home’s heating and cooling needs, no matter the conditions outside. Enjoy high-quality comfort with Ruud heat pumps!

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Ruud gas furnaces: reliable and efficient

Need to purchase a new furnace? Our HVAC professionals will assess your needs and find the most affordable and efficient furnace possible. Whether you want your furnace to operate consistently, quietly, or at peak efficiency, you’ll love what Ruud has to offer.

The energy efficiency of a furnace is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). These ratings, which range between 80%-98%, demonstrate the model’s efficiency. The higher a model’s rating, the more energy efficient it is. Energy efficient models cost more than models with low ratings, but utility bills will likely be lower. We’ll work with you to balance your budget with your efficiency concerns.

The HeatGuy pros love the EcoNet™ Enabled Ruud R96V Ultra™ Series Gas Furnace. This high-efficiency, Energy Star qualified series is engineered so that you don’t have to think about being comfortable in your home– you just are. Enjoy year-round comfort and a lower energy bill!

Wide range of Ruud gas furnaces installed by NATE certified technicians

Proper sizing and professional installation are key to avoiding common operational problems with a furnace. The NATE certified technicians at HeatGuy will help you make the right choice and ensure it is fitted and calibrated for maximum comfort and efficiency. We can also provide you with regular maintenance services to ensure your system is in good working order year-round.

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Call us today at 360-253-HVAC (360-253-4822) or fill out our online form with any questions about installing or upgrading to a Ruud air conditioner, heat pump, or gas furnace. The NATE certified technicians at HeatGuy will help you make the right choice and ensure it is fitted and calibrated for maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Finding the right heating and cooling solution for your home depends on your needs, your budget, the size of your home, and more, but making the right choice doesn’t need to be complicated. Our HVAC pros will help you choose the best option.  

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