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Join The HeatGuy Care List Today For A No-Pressure Approach To Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

Don’t want the hassle of having to remember to call someone twice a year to service your HVAC unit? We understand! That’s why we don’t offer maintenance agreements like many HVAC companies who offer these types of agreements to rope you into paying for service calls in advance. Your business is guaranteed even if they provide shoddy service. We don’t think that’s ethical!
  • Why sign a contract that forces you to use the same company even if you find a better deal or better service elsewhere?
  • Why should a company get the use of your hard-earned money for services not yet provided?
  • Shouldn’t your money be working for you instead of someone else?

What do I Get?

  • Appointments are $129 + tax (regularly $150)
  • List members enjoy a 14% discount on service
  • List members get a 35% discount on filters

Our Maintenance Comes With No Strings Attached

With our HeatGuy Care List, there are no contracts to sign, no money upfront, no strings attached, no pushy salespeople to deal with. We do not and will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your information to any other parties.
When you sign up, we’ll contact you every six months to set an appointment for your unit’s health check and preventative maintenance. Cancel any time. No fees, no penalties. We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with our excellent service and great prices that we don’t feel the need to ask you to sign a contract. Call us today at 360-253-HVAC (360-253-4822) or fill out the form to join the HeatGuy Care List.

Here's What You Need to Know

Regular maintenance must be performed twice yearly to qualify for the CCL discounts.

It is always free to sign up.

We will remember your filter changes and maintenance needs for you!

Cancel at any time. We never charge cancelation fees.

Our HVAC maintenance inspection and service includes:

  • Gas valve pressures
  • Check furnace’s electrical connections
  • Vacuum out furnace if needed
  • Check system of operations
  • Check flames and adjust if needed
  • Check coils for debris, clean if needed
  • Check pressure on outdoor unit
  • Check insulation on line sets
  • Check air-conditioner’s electrical connections
Did you know? The US EPA and DOE Energy Star division suggest replacing your furnace or heat pump’s filter every three months for best performance and greatest energy savings.

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